Furnace building for smelting Al-Si-Fe alloy in submerged arc furnace

Pubdate: 12-10 2021

Build a furnace

The main aluminum refractory material is high-alumina brick masonry. Three layers of graphite carbon bricks are built on the bottom of the furnace, and one layer of graphite carbon bricks are built on the walls of the furnace. A layer of electrode paste is knotted at the bottom of the furnace before starting the furnace, with an average thickness of 200mm.

Raw material preparation


Content: AL2O3 55%-90% SIO2 20%-30%.

Granularity: 30-120mm Rinse clean

Bituminous coal

Compared with other alloys in the smelting of silicon-aluminum-iron alloy submerged arc furnace electrode paste smelting, the application of the original agent is the most unique. Among the reducing agents used, bituminous coal accounts for more than 80%.

Composition: 15%-25% volatile, less than 20% ash, less than 55% fixed carbon, good slagging performance.


In fact, the normal smelting of silicon-aluminum-ferroalloy does not have high requirements for silica. We have used it from 90% to 99% of the SiO2 content, and even used over-mature silica, which does not have a great impact on the smelting. Except for special circumstances, generally more than 95% of silica can be used. However, there are still strict requirements when opening the furnace: SiO2 is greater than 98%, good anti-explosion, cleaned, and the particle size is below 100mm.

Iron bauxite

This kind of raw material is indispensable in our electrode paste submerged arc furnace smelting test, and it has a certain catalytic effect on the reduction of aluminum during the entire smelting process.


The ingredients for furnace smelting should take into account factors such as low furnace temperature. Ferrosilicon can be used to open the furnace and then to smelt ferrosilicon and aluminum. However, we all use the direct electrode paste submerged arc furnace to smelt ferrosilicon and aluminum. The raw material batch for the furnace is based on the 25% aluminum content and 35% silicon content of the baked product. Carbon-rich operation is required when the furnace is opened. According to different raw materials, accurate batches cannot be given here.

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