graphite cathode carbon block

Pubdate: 07-09 2021

What effect does the quality of graphite cathode block have on the electrode?

graphite cathode carbon block

The graphite cathode block is a conductive material for electric furnace equipment such as ferroalloy furnaces and calcium carbide furnaces. How does the quality of the graphite cathode block affect the electrode? The editor will explain in detail for you below:

1. The ash bonding strength of graphite cathode block is poor, and the bonding strength is worse in the place where the ash content is concentrated. This place consumes quickly and is easy to be mechanically strained and cause hard fracture. Therefore, the ash content should be maintained at an index of ≤3.

2. If the softening point of the graphite cathode block is low, the coking value after sintering is low, and the strength of the motor is also poor, which may cause electrode accidents. 3. The high resistivity of the graphite cathode block indicates that the graphite cathode block has a low degree of graphitization, and the electrode with poor conductivity is also poor in oxidation resistance. After firing, the electrode with strong rigidity is also easy to break.

The main materials of graphite cathode block can be divided into two categories

The main raw materials for the production of electrodes are anthracite, metallurgical coke, coal and coal pitch, which can be divided into two categories according to different formulations:

1. Standard and non-standard graphite cathode block: Standard graphite cathode block is mainly used in open ferroalloy furnaces and small and medium-sized calcium carbide furnaces, using medium temperature asphalt as the binder; non-standard graphite cathode blocks are mainly used in large open calcium carbide furnaces. The dry material particle composition is the same as that of the standard graphite cathode block, but in order to appropriately increase the sintering speed of the graphite cathode block, a small amount of tar is added to the medium temperature asphalt as a binder.

2. Airtight paste: This type of graphite cathode block is suitable for closed ferroalloy furnaces, calcium carbide furnaces and other metallurgical furnaces. The airtight paste uses anthracite as the main raw material. In order to improve the sintering performance of the graphite cathode block, a small amount of broken graphite and petroleum coke must be added, and a binder with a low softening point must be used.

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