graphite electrode for arc furnaces manufacturers

Pubdate: 07-09 2021

Hebei ultra-high power graphite electrode for arc furnaces manufacturers

The temperature of molten salt electrolysis of graphite products is generally below 1000 degrees Celsius. Graphitized anodes are generally used as anode conductive materials for electrolyzers producing alkali and salt solutions. Graphitized electrodes are also used to produce conductive materials for the furnace head of the resistance furnace used in the production of emery (silicon carbide). In addition to the above uses, carbon and graphite products are widely used as conductive materials in the motor manufacturing industry as slip rings and brushes. They are also used as carbon rods in dry batteries, searchlights or arc carbon rods for arc generation, and anodes in rectifiers.

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Hebei ultra high power graphite electrode for arc furnaces manufacturers factory

graphite electrode for arc furnaces manufacturers

Product features and application of graphite electrode.

1. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, easy mechanical processing, good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and low ash content;

2. Used for electrolyzing aqueous solutions, preparing chlorine and caustic soda, electrolyzing salt solutions to preparing alkali; for example, graphite anode plates can be used as conductive anodes for preparing alkali from electrolytic salt solutions.

3. The use of graphite anode plate can be used as a conductive anode in the electroplating industry. It is an ideal material for various electroplating; the electroplated products have the advantages of lubrication, fineness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high brightness, and resistance to discoloration.

Hebei CGM Carbon Co., Ltd. mainly supplies all kinds of ordinary graphite electrode, graphite carbon rod, graphite electrode crucible for melting copper and aluminum, high temperature graphite furnace bottom, graphite anode plate, high purity graphite block, graphite ring, medium and thick graphite square and other graphite. Products.

Hebei ultra high power graphite electrode for arc furnaces manufacturers factory

Varieties of graphite electrode. Electric arc steelmaking furnaces are generally divided into three categories, namely ordinary power electric furnaces, high-power electric furnaces and ultra-high-power electric furnaces. Corresponding to the power level of electric furnace steelmaking, graphite electrode is also divided into 3 varieties accordingly, namely ordinary power graphite electrode (code RP grade), high power graphite electrode (code HP grade) and ultra high power graphite electrode (code UHP grade) ). The nominal diameter of the electrode varies from 75mm. The physical and chemical functions of high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes are better than those of ordinary power graphite electrodes, such as low electrical resistivity, large volume density, high mechanical strength, low linear expansion coefficient, and excellent oxidation resistance.

Graphite has outstanding chemical stability. The specially processed graphite has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, and low permeability. It is used to make heat exchangers, response tanks, condensers, combustion towers, absorption towers, coolers, heaters, and filters. , Pump equipment. It is widely used in petrochemical industry, hydrometallurgy, acid and alkali production, synthetic fiber, papermaking and other industrial sectors, which can save a lot of metal materials. Graphite can also prevent boiler fouling. Tests by relevant units indicate that adding a certain amount of graphite powder (approximately 4 to 5 grams per ton of water) can avoid boiler fouling. In addition, graphite coating on metal chimneys, roofs, bridges, and pipes can prevent corrosion and rust.

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Hebei ultra high power graphite electrode for arc furnaces manufacturers factory

Material and technology of graphite electrode The graphite electrode produced by our company is made of high-quality petroleum coke, needle coke, coal pitch and other low-ash materials. After calcination, batching, kneading, molding, roasting and pressure impregnation, the graphite electrode is at a high temperature above 3000 ℃ Graphitization is performed, and then it is made by mechanical processing. The product has the characteristics of low resistivity, good electrical conductivity, low ash content, fine and uniform structure, good oxidation resistance, and high mechanical strength. Hebei CGM Carbon Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of graphite electrode _graphite powder_graphite crushing skills are strong, we need graphite electrode, choose us!

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Hebei ultra high power graphite electrode for arc furnaces manufacturers factory

Why is graphite used to make electrodes? About electrodes should be seen everywhere in our daily life, but we may not be familiar with why we choose graphite as the main material. This is because graphite has some useful properties that make it ideal as an electrode in a variety of applications, such as the production of arc steel. Furthermore, graphite is cheap, rich, stable under various operating conditions, expandable, durable/hard, and has outstanding electrical and thermal conductors (a lot of heat occurs in the production of arc steel).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of copper electrode and graphite electrode in electrical discharge machining? Advantages and Disadvantages of Red Copper Electrode Red copper has a wide range of origins, has excellent conductivity, can be processed stably under difficult conditions, is not prone to arcing, and has low processing loss; higher accuracy can be obtained, and the selection of precision processing can achieve better than Ra1. Surface roughness of 25μm. The machining process can maintain sharp edges and corners and fine shapes. Disadvantages: The mechanical processing function is not as good as graphite, and the grinding is difficult; the mechanical strength is low, which is not conducive to the clamping, correction and the maintenance of stable processing for a long time; the ratio is serious, that is, it increases the burden of the processing feed system and improves The requirements for the system are not conducive to the installation and calibration of electrodes.

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