graphite electrode made in china

Pubdate: 07-12 2021

graphite electrode made in china and graphite product material production process

graphite electrode made in china

In the production of carbon graphite materials and products, the most commonly used are conventional (or traditional) products, such as graphitized electrodes, prebaked anodes and cathodes for electrolytic aluminum, high-strength high-density graphite, black brushes, etc. It is a conventional process. The production process of graphite electrode made in china. It is pre-crushed petroleum coke and pitch coke and burned, then crushed, sieved, and ground to prepare powder. According to different specifications of products, the proportion is mixed, kneaded, shaped, and roasted after adding a certain proportion of binder. (Electrode joints and high-power or ultra-high-power electrodes need to be dipped and then fired). After firing, graphitization and mechanical processing to obtain the required size and surface roughness are the products.

Carbon materials are mainly used for the production of electric brushes, wear-resistant materials and graphite products, which need to be treated with carbon black. Pitch coke, metallurgical coke and natural graphite are used as raw materials for crushing, grinding or batching without burning. Grinding powder is mainly used for the production of fine structure graphite, wear-resistant materials, black electric brushes and other products, and it also needs to be impregnated and roasted many times. The products that are processed by sintering after molding are colored electric brushes.

Products that are not graphitized after baking include pre-baked anodes, carbon electrodes, carbon blocks, etc. The paste products only need to be kneaded and formed, and then the products can be produced by molding, extrusion and vibration forming as anisotropic products; the products using isostatic pressing are isotropic products. CGM New Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of graphite electrode made in china. Its main products include graphite electrode made in china, graphite products, recarburizers, graphite special-shaped parts, etc.!

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