graphite electrode manufacturing process

Pubdate: 07-12 2021

The graphite electrode manufacturer and graphite product materials will produce those scraps during the production process

In the various processes of carbon graphite electrode manufacturer and graphite product material production, a certain amount of waste products and processing debris will inevitably be produced. These waste products and processing debris can be used as raw materials after being crushed, collectively referred to as Production returns. The use of production return materials is not only to save raw materials, but also to improve quality.

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There are the following 4 types of production return materials.

1. Raw and broken. Raw shreds are products (scrap products) that are considered unqualified after the paste is formed, and also include the paste residues that fall during the forming process and the cut ends during extrusion. These can be crushed and used according to the prescribed proportions of the formula. Generally, raw crushing is used for products of the same formula, but it can also be converted into a product of another formula after the amount of asphalt and particle size composition are converted. The contaminated raw shreds can be used to produce dusty products such as electrode paste, and the raw shreds should be crushed to less than 20mm when used.

2. Roasted and broken. Roasting is a kind of unqualified product obtained after roasting and scraps from processing such as carbon block. Roasting and crushing are generally broken into medium particles for use, which are divided into two types: more ash roasting and less ash roasting, and are not limited by the original product ratio. Ash-rich roasting and crushing are waste products or processing scraps produced by products using anthracite and metallurgical coke as raw materials, and low-ash roasting and crushing are waste products or processing scraps generated by products using petroleum coke and pitch coke as raw materials. Less ash roasting and crushing It can be added to the proportion of more ash products, but cannot be added to the formula of less ash products in the ash roasting and crushing. The roasting and crushing has a higher mechanical strength, and adding it to the formula is beneficial to improve the strength of the product.

3. Graphitized broken. Graphitized chips are products that are unqualified after graphitization and the cutting chips of graphitized products in the process of processing. Graphitized crushing is very useful and can be added to the formulation of various carbon graphite products. Adding a certain amount of graphitization to the product ingredients can improve the plasticity of the paste and reduce the friction resistance of the paste to the extrusion nozzle during extrusion, which is beneficial to increase the yield of extrusion molding and the volume density of the finished product. Graphitized fragments are added to carbon blocks and other products, which is beneficial to reduce the “empty” waste products (that is, the honeycomb structure at the end of the product) after roasting, and it can also improve the electrical and thermal conductivity of the finished product. The production of electrode paste for closed electric furnaces requires adding a certain amount of graphitized fragments to help improve the electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of the electrode paste and increase the sintering speed of the electrode. Graphitized crushing is generally broken into medium particles for use.

4. Graphitized metallurgical coke. When the graphitization furnace is charged into the product, the resistance material that needs to be added to the semi-finished product generally uses granular metallurgical coke. After high-temperature graphitization, the metallurgical coke has also been graphitized (the electrical resistivity is significantly reduced, and the ash content is also reduced). Graphitized metallurgical coke is a good raw material used in the formulation of dusty products such as carbon block and electrode paste, which can effectively improve the electrical and thermal conductivity of the product. Graphitized metallurgical coke needs to be ground into powder for use.

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