graphite electrode price 2020

Pubdate: 07-13 2021

Characteristics and application prospects of high purity graphite

High-purity graphite has the characteristics of high strength, high density, high purity, high chemical stability, compact and uniform structure, high temperature resistance, high electrical conductivity, good wear resistance, self-lubricating, and easy processing. CGM provide graphite electrode price 2020 new quotation.

graphite electrode price 2020

High-purity graphite is a good optional raw material for processing various graphite products. The processed products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, aerospace, electronics, machinery, nuclear energy and other industrial fields. Especially large-scale and high-quality high-purity graphite, as an alternative material, has a wide application space in the field of high-tech and new technology, and has a wide range of application prospects.

graphite electrode price 2020

With the continuous development of new energy, as a manufacturer of graphite products, CGM’s graphite box body and electronic sintering mold, and provide provide graphite electrode price 2020, have been widely served by large domestic and foreign companies, and have won unanimous praise from customers. In particular, graphite cartridges (commonly known as graphite boats) used in the production of lithium iron sulfate and rare earth magnetic materials have the advantages of long service life and little impact on the product!

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