graphite electrode price

Pubdate: 07-13 2021

This week, the domestic graphite electrode market price continues to rise

Affected by tight raw material supply and price hikes, the domestic graphite electrode market continued to rise this week. The domestic mainstream graphite electrode manufacturer’s high-power graphite electrode price rose 1.1% month-on-month, and the ultra-high-power graphite electrode price rose 3.2% month-on-month.

graphite electrode price

On the market side: Recently, due to the tight supply of small and medium-sized graphite electrode in the market, mainstream graphite electrode manufacturers are also increasing the production of this specification. It is expected that the market will gradually arrive in May-June, stabilizing the market demand and supply of graphite electrode price. In terms of raw materials: Domestic needle coke prices remained stable this week, and the current domestic coal-based and oil-based needle coke market mainstream prices per ton.

In terms of steel mills: At present, the enthusiasm of steel mills to purchase graphite electrode prices is weak, and the transactions are relatively detailed, and there is little possibility of further price increases in the short term. CGM New Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of graphite electrode. Its main products include graphite electrode price, graphite products, recarburizers, graphite special-shaped parts, etc.!

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