Graphite electrode production process Rongxin group

Pubdate: 12-26 2021

1. Calcining. Both petroleum coke and pitch coke need to be calcined, and the calcining temperature should reach 1350. C, to fully remove the volatile matter contained in the carbonaceous raw materials, and improve the true density, mechanical strength, and conductivity of the coke.

2. Crushing, screening and batching. The calcined carbonaceous raw material is crushed and sieved into aggregate particles of specified size, part of the coke is ground into fine powder, and then weighed according to the formula to form a dry mixture of various particles.

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3. Kneading. Under the heating state, the quantitative dry mixture of various particles and the quantitative binder are stirred and mixed and kneaded to form a plastic paste.

4. Forming. Under the action of external pressure or high-frequency vibration, the paste is pressed into a green electrode with a certain shape and higher density.

5. Roasting. Put the green electrode in a special roasting furnace, and use metallurgical coke powder to fill and cover the green electrode, thereby making a roasted carbon electrode.

6. Impregnation. In order to improve the density and mechanical strength of the electrode product, the roasted electrode is put into the high-voltage equipment, the liquid impregnant pitch is pressed into the pores of the electrode, and the second roasting should be carried out after the impregnation.

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7. Graphitization. Put the roasted carbon electrode into the graphitization furnace, cover the insulation material, and adopt the heating method that directly energizes to generate high temperature, in the range of 2200~3000. Under the high temperature of C, the carbon electrode is transformed into a graphite electrode with graphite crystalline structure.

8. Mechanical processing. According to the application requirements, the graphite electrode blanks are surface-turned, flat end faces and screw holes for connection are processed, and joints for connection are processed.

9. After the graphite electrode crystal has passed the inspection, it should be packaged appropriately and sent to the customer.

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