graphite electrode production

Pubdate: 07-13 2021

Selection of raw materials for graphite electrode production products

Graphite electrode production products mainly include graphite electrodes for steelmaking furnaces, carbon electrodes for submerged arc furnaces for smelting yellow phosphorus, ferroalloys and calcium carbide, and self-baking electrodes.

graphite electrode productiongraphite electrode production

The graphite electrode has ordinary power graphite electrode and high power and ultra high power graphite electrode. Ordinary power graphite electrode production

General quality petroleum coke can be used as raw material. If the strength is generally a small amount of pitch coke should be added to improve the mechanical strength of the electrode. Pitch coke is not used abroad, but asphalt with high softening point is used as a binder. And high-power graphite electrode production

With ultra-high power graphite electrode production

Needle coke must be used as the raw material to obtain a graphite electrode with a lower resistivity and a smaller linear expansion coefficient. For the raw material of steel-making electrodes, the content of sulfur and phosphorus should be controlled. Sulfur and phosphorus will cause hot and cold brittleness of steel.

Graphite electrodes mainly use anthracite coal and metallurgical coke as raw materials. Sometimes a small amount of natural graphite or graphitized broken is added, and sometimes a certain amount of petroleum coke is added. Natural graphite electrode production uses natural graphite as raw material, and the product does not undergo high-temperature graphitization. This kind of electrode has a large resistivity, low mechanical strength, and is easy to break during use. The regenerated electrode is an electrode produced by crushing scraps of graphite electrode production or waste graphite electrode, and its resistivity is also relatively large, the thermal stability is poor, and the source of raw materials is limited, and it is not suitable to produce large-size electrodes.

The electrode paste of the self-baking electrode uses anthracite and metallurgical coke as raw materials. In order to reduce the resistivity and improve the sintering performance, artificial graphitized broken or natural graphite can be added. For high-grade primary and secondary electrode pastes, electrically calcined anthracite (partially graphitized) should be used as the raw material. Taking into account factors such as low-grade products’ raw materials, energy consumption and environmental protection, electrode paste and anode paste are products that are phased out. CGM New Material Co., Ltd. is a graphite electrode manufacturer, and its main products include graphite electrode, graphite products, recarburizers, graphite special-shaped parts, etc.!

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