graphite electrode raw material

Pubdate: 07-13 2021

graphite electrode raw material The evolution of high-purity graphite to graphite products

graphite electrode raw material

In the graphite industry, graphite electrode raw material with a carbon content of 99.9% is called graphite. Graphite has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, low lubricating thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance and other characteristics that other metal materials cannot replace. As new materials are highlighted in my country’s 13th Five-Year Plan, and it also indicates that the graphite material industry will also usher in a new starting point for development, so there is a profound understanding of graphite electrode raw material from the formation of materials to the formation of graphite products. significance.

Graphite process flow:

From the selection of high-purity graphite raw materials, it is necessary to structure the graphite electrode raw materials of the same sex, and then need to grind these raw materials into fine powder, and then use the unique isostatic pressing technology. In order to achieve the desired specifications, the firing cycle and impregnation must be performed multiple times, and the graphitization cycle must be longer. At present, the graphite materials we commonly see in the market include high-purity graphite, molded graphite, isostatic graphite, EDM graphite and so on. Finally, the graphite material is cut into graphite products such as graphite molds, graphite bearings, graphite boats, etc., which are often used in industry by mechanical processing and cutting.

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