graphite electrode regular power

Pubdate: 07-13 2021

The application prospect of graphite electrode regular power in electric arc furnace steelmaking

graphite electrode regular powergraphite electrode regular power

With the increasing development of science and technology, the continuous upgrading of industrial special equipment, and the improvement of human awareness of environmental protection, electric arc furnace metal smelting accounts for an increasing proportion of the industry, and higher requirements are placed on the quality of graphite electrode and graphite electrode regular power. , Such as specifications, graphite electrode regular power.

The upgrading and renewal of industrial equipment has stricter requirements on energy saving, environmental protection, and benefits. The accompanying graphite electrode regular power and other energy consumption put forward lower requirements, especially the emergence of advanced equipment for quantum electric arc furnaces, graphite electrode tons of steel The consumption requirement is controlled within 1.2kg, the electric power consumption requirement is lower, and the carbon dioxide emission reaches the lowest limit value. In the past two years, the national war rate has been adjusted in China, and the low-cost and low-quality smelting equipment of intermediate frequency furnaces has been gradually eliminated, and at the same time, it has brought a higher market share for electric arc furnace smelting.

The increase in electric furnace smelting will greatly affect the graphite electrode, especially the graphite electrode regular power used for smelting iron and steel. The total consumption will be more, and the market prospects will become increasingly prominent. This is very useful for graphite electrode-based carbon companies, especially graphite electrode production plants. Good development prospects. CGM New Material Co., Ltd. is a graphite electrode manufacturer, and its products include graphite electrode (graphite electrode regular power, high-power graphite electrode, ultra-high-power graphite electrode), graphite products, recarburizers, graphite special-shaped parts, etc.!

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