graphite electrode rp factory

Pubdate: 07-13 2021

Talking about the advantages of graphite electrode rp factory

Graphite molds are widely used in metal smelting and casting, EDM, petrochemical, electronics, photovoltaic and other industries due to their unique characteristics. Graphite replaces copper as an electrode, which has many advantages.

graphite electrode rp factory

(1) No burrs: After the processing is completed, the copper electrode needs to be manually trimmed to remove the burrs, while the graphite products are processed without burrs, which saves a lot of costs and makes it easier to realize automated production;

graphite electrode rp factory

(2) Discharge consumption is smaller: because spark oil also contains C atoms, during electric discharge machining, the high temperature causes the C atoms in spark oil to be decomposed, and a protective film is formed on the surface of the graphite electrode, which compensates for the graphite electrode. loss.

(3) Graphite is easier to grind and polish: Since the cutting resistance of graphite is only 1/5 of copper, it is easier to manually grind and polish;

(4) Lower material costs and more stable prices: Due to the increase in copper prices in recent years, the price of isotropic graphite is now lower than that of copper. Under the same volume, the price of universal graphite products is 30% to 60% lower than that of copper. %, and the price is more stable, short-term price fluctuations are very small. It is this incomparable advantage that graphite has gradually replaced copper as the material of choice for EDM electrodes.

(5) Lighter weight: The density of graphite products is only 1/5 of that of copper. When large electrodes are used for electrical discharge machining, they can effectively reduce the burden on machine tools (EDM), and are more suitable for applications on large molds.

(6) The processing speed is faster: under normal circumstances, the machining speed of graphite can be 2~5 times faster than that of copper; while the speed of electrical discharge machining is 2~3 times faster than that of copper; the material is less prone to deformation: in the processing of thin-ribbed electrodes The above advantages are obvious; the softening point of copper is about 1000 degrees, which is easily deformed by heating. The graphite electrode rp factory reminds you that the sublimation temperature of graphite is 3650 degrees; the thermal expansion coefficient is only 1/30 of copper.

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