graphite electrode rp manufacturer

Pubdate: 07-14 2021

What are wind oxidation and water oxidation, and what are the reasons for graphite electrode oxidation waste?

graphite electrode rp manufacturer

The man-made waste products of graphite electrode are mainly oxidized waste products. Oxidation waste usually refers to the oxidation reaction of the graphite electrode product surface or end with air or water vapor under the high temperature condition of electrode graphitization, destroying the surface structure of the product or even being partially ablated, resulting in graphite electrode rp manufacturer.

graphite electrode rp manufacturer

It cannot be processed in standard sizes. Oxidation waste products are divided into two types: “wind oxidation” and “water oxidation”. The oxidation caused by the product reacting with oxygen in the air is called wind oxidation, and the oxidation caused by the product reacting with oxygen in water vapor is called water. Oxidation. The surface of the graphite electrode oxidized by wind is smooth, hard, and has a tiny honeycomb shape.

The reasons for graphite electrode rp manufacturer think to cause wind oxidation are:

(1) The furnace head wall of the graphite electric furnace is cracked or burned seriously and air penetrates;

(2) The furnace head of the graphite electric furnace caught fire and failed to deal with it in time;

(3) Cracks occurred in the insulation material covering layer after power-on, and air entered the furnace core if it was not treated in time;

(4) Cracks appeared on the shell of the horizontal loading furnace when it was cooling, and it was not blocked in time, so air was blown in. When the vertical furnace is cooling, the high-temperature products are exposed in the air, and the water is not timely, which will cause oxidation;

(5) The temperature of graphite electrode products is too high, and they are close together. Because the temperature of graphite electrode itself is higher than the oxidation temperature of the product, oxidation is caused.

The surface of the graphite electrode water-oxidized product is loose and not smooth, and it will become a powder after rubbing. The causes of water oxidation are:

(1) There is a crack in the furnace head wall, and the water cooling the conductive graphite electrode penetrates into the furnace;

(2) The water that cools the conductive graphite electrode is not drained well and penetrates into the furnace;

(3) Improper watering method or excessive watering when cooling after power failure, which causes water oxidation.

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