graphite electrode semifinished

Pubdate: 07-19 2021

Do you know what is hollow (hollow) graphite electrode semifinished?

[Introduction of hollow graphite electrode semifinished]

graphite electrode semifinished

Hollow graphite electrode semifinished is a hollow electrode. This product is prepared by directly pressing the electrode into a hollow tube during forming or drilling in the center of the electrode during processing. The other production processes are the same as the semifinished process of ordinary graphite electrode. The production of hollow (hollow) graphite electrode semifinished can save carbon raw materials and reduce the weight of lifting graphite electrode semifinished; using the hollow zone channel of graphite electrode semifinished, alloy materials and other materials required for steelmaking can also be added or required for access gas. However, the forming process for producing hollow graphite electrode semifinished is complicated, the raw material saving is limited, and the production yield is low, so hollow graphite electrode semifinished has not been widely used.

Our factory professionally accepts hollow electrode customization and produces hollow graphite electrode semifinished, which can meet your various needs.

graphite electrode semifinished

[Hollow electrode manufacturer-CGM carbon]

CGM Carbon is a leading group company in China, focusing on the production and operation of carbon metallurgical material products, in accordance with industrial standards and customer requirements, providing fast quotations, reliable quality, competitive price products and delivery services as quickly as possible.

Founded in 1992 in Zhengzhou in the east-central part of China. In order to play a greater role in the entire production and supply chain, we work closely with our customers. With more than 20 years of professional experience and expertise in the carbon metallurgy industry, the company is committed to research and development,

And provide a series of high-quality, innovative, cost-effective carbon and metallurgical products and solutions. At present, the main products are graphite electrode semifinished, electrode paste, forged petroleum coke and refractory materials. The product line includes carbon materials, graphite materials, refractory materials and water treatment materials.

Annually produce 200,000 tons of electrode paste, 50,000 tons of graphite electrode semifinished, 250,000 tons of calcined coke, and 20,000 tons of refractory materials. All the certificates of our company are complete, and we always adhere to the international certification.

【CGM Responsibility】

As a leader in the carbon industry, CGM Carbon has always been brave enough to take responsibility for environmental problems that are inevitable in the production process, actively introduce environmental protection equipment, improve production processes, and cooperate with the national environmental supervision department to realize online data monitoring to reduce environmental pollution. To the least! !

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