graphite electrode supplier

Pubdate: 07-19 2021

Production graphite electrode supplier baking process

graphite electrode supplier

Baking is one of the heat treatment processes in the production of graphite electrode supplier and graphite products. The roasting of the formed raw products is to use coke powder (or quartz sand) and other materials as the protective medium in the roasting furnace, and indirectly heat at a certain heating rate under the condition of isolating the air.

The length of the heating time varies according to the product variety, specifications and the heating curve used, and generally takes 12 to 23 days. The highest temperature the product reaches during roasting is 1000~1250°C. The roasting temperature of semi-finished products that need further graphitization can be slightly lower, but after roasting, they are used as finished carbon blocks, pre-baked anodes and other products. Since the roasting temperature has a direct impact on the physical and chemical indicators of the finished product, the roasting temperature should generally not be lower than 1200 ℃.

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