graphite electrode uhp grade

Pubdate: 07-20 2021

Raw materials needed to produce graphite electrode uhp grade and graphite products-metallurgical coke

graphite electrode uhp grade

Metallurgical coke Metallurgical coke is the main raw material for the production of various carbon blocks, carbon graphite electrode uhp grade, and various electrode pastes, bottom pastes, coarse seam pastes, and fine seam pastes. Metallurgical coke is produced by coking several kinds of coking coal in a coking oven at a high temperature according to a certain proportion.

The ash content of metallurgical coke is relatively high, generally above 10%, and it is not easy to graphitize or calcinate. The electrical conductivity after graphitization is also worse than that of petroleum coke or pitch coke. Since the coking temperature of metallurgical coke is above 1200℃, metallurgical coke can be used without burning in the graphite product factory, but in order to facilitate the grinding and drying of its moisture.

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