graphite electrode uhp manufacturer

Pubdate: 07-20 2021

graphite electrode uhp manufacturergraphite electrode uhp manufacturer

The particle size requirements of raw materials for graphite electrode and graphite products
The so-called particle size composition of the aggregate is the mixing ratio of various particles of different sizes. graphite electrode uhp manufacturer.

The purpose of matching different grades of particles in a certain ratio instead of using only one kind of particles is to make the graphite electrode product have higher density, lower porosity and sufficient mechanical strength.

After the particles of different sizes are mixed in proportion, the gaps between the large particles and the large particles can be filled by smaller particles or powders. This is similar to the effect of mixing pebbles, sand and cement in proportions for the preparation of concrete. However, the proportion of the ingredients according to the particle size of the graphite electrode product is not only to increase the density of the product, reduce the porosity and obtain sufficient mechanical strength, but also have some other functions.

Large particles play a skeleton role in the structure of graphite electrode products. Appropriately increasing the size of the large particles and the number of large particles can improve the thermal vibration resistance of the product (not easy to crack during rapid cooling and rapid heating) and reduce the thermal expansion coefficient of the product, and cracks during the pressing and baking process of the raw product Less waste. However, if the number of large particles is too large, the porosity of the product will increase significantly, the density will decrease, and the mechanical strength will decrease, and it is difficult to obtain a smoother surface during processing. The role of the small particles is to fill the gaps between the large particles. The number of small powder particles generally accounts for a large proportion of the ingredients, sometimes reaching 60% to 70%. Appropriately increasing the number of small powder particles can reduce the porosity of the product, increase the density and mechanical strength, and make the surface of the product smoother during processing.

However, the excessive number of small powder particles will greatly increase the possibility of product cracks in processes such as baking and graphitization, and the thermal vibration resistance and oxidation resistance of graphite electrode products will decrease during use. Moreover, the more small powder particles are used, the more binding dose is required. The residual carbon rate of the binder (coal pitch) after roasting is generally about 50%. Therefore, too much powdery small particles are not good for the quality of the finished product. Different types and specifications of graphite electrode products have different particle size compositions.

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