graphite electrode uhp supplier

Pubdate: 07-20 2021

Design of ingredients required to produce graphite electrode

In the production process of various graphite electrodes and graphite products, batching is a very important process. The batching design and batching operation have a considerable influence on the quality of the finished product and the yield of the pressing, roasting, graphitization and other processes.

graphite electrode uhp supplier

The ingredient design includes the following:

(1) Choose raw materials and the ratio of different types of raw materials.

(2) Determine the particle size composition of the aggregate (that is, the ratio of different particles).

(3) Determine the quantity of binder (usually medium temperature asphalt). Some products need to adjust the softening point of asphalt.

The graphite electrode uhp supplier produces a certain variety of graphite electrode and the mature ingredient design of graphite electrode products of various specifications is summarized by continuous improvement in the long-term production practice. When each product is produced with different raw materials, the particle composition of the aggregate and the amount of binder are different. Therefore, the ingredient design cannot be copied when the raw materials are different from other processes and equipment. As a graphite electrode manufacturer, our company strictly follows the management and operation process of the graphite electrode uhp supplier to ensure the production of first-class and qualified graphite electrode products.

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