graphite electrode uhp

Pubdate: 07-19 2021

Raw material needed to produce graphite electrode uhp and graphite products-pitch coke

graphite electrode uhp

Pitch coke: Pitch coke is also the main raw material for the production of various graphite electrode uhp, graphitized anodes, graphitized blocks and other graphitized products, as well as prebaked anodes, anode pastes and other products. Petroleum coke is easy to graphitize, but the mechanical strength of the product is low. Graphite obtained from pitch coke at the same graphitization temperature has higher specific resistance and higher mechanical strength. Therefore, in the general production of graphitized products, a certain proportion of pitch coke is used in addition to petroleum coke.

Pitch coke is a low-sulfur, low-ash coke, which is the final product of coal tar pitch coking in a coke oven. The coking of coal tar pitch is a complex process of distillation, thermal condensation and thermal decomposition. Before 450°C, it is mainly distillation and thermal condensation; a significant endothermic reaction occurs at 450~500°C and emits a large amount of gas (low molecular hydrocarbon). Compound), and then a semi-coke is formed. When the middle of the coke cake reaches 700℃ or above, coke is gradually formed, and the final coking temperature is above 1100℃. The pitch used for coking can be medium temperature pitch or high temperature pitch. High-temperature asphalt is formed by oxidation of medium-temperature asphalt by hot air in an oxidation kettle. High-temperature asphalt has high viscosity, high furnace loading temperature (which can extend furnace life), and low volatile content, which are all conducive to furnace loading. The production process of pitch coke. First, the liquid asphalt with a temperature higher than 300℃ flows by itself to the medium temperature tank, and then is continuously sent to the oxidation kettle by a pump.

After the liquid asphalt is oxidized by compressed air, the softening point (measured by the ring and ball method) increases from 75-93°C to 130-140°C, and then flows into the high-temperature tank by itself. Then it is measured by the metering tank and added to the carbonization chamber through the charging port of the coke oven. At this time, the asphalt temperature is 320-330℃. Each carbonization chamber adds 8-9t of pitch each time. After about 15 hours of coking, it is refined into pitch coke. As the coking temperature of pitch coke is relatively high, which is equivalent to the calcination temperature in a graphite product factory, pitch coke can be used directly without calcination. However, since pitch coke is generally quenched by watering after being introduced into the coke oven, the water content is relatively high. Therefore, if it is not calcined, it must be dried.

Sometimes considering the uneven coking degree of pitch coke, one calcination can achieve the goal of uniform quality. Usually, it is calcined after blending with petroleum coke. CGM New Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of graphite electrode uhp. Its products include graphite electrode uhp (normal power graphite electrode uhp, high power graphite electrode uhp, ultra high power graphite electrode uhp) graphite products, recarburizers, graphite crucibles, graphite plates, etc. !

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