graphite electrode with needle coke

Pubdate: 07-20 2021

Matters needing attention for the crushing of graphite electrode with needle coke

graphite electrode with needle coke

The general concept of graphite electrode with needle coke material crushing    graphite block material crushing is an indispensable process in the production process of carbon and graphite products.

The process of making large pieces of graphite into smaller pieces is called crushing. Generally, external mechanical force is applied to overcome the cohesive force between the material molecules to break the material. According to the size of the material to be crushed and the particles of the crushed material, the crushing operation of the material can be divided into several types, such as coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, coarse grinding, and fine grinding, but there is no strict division between them. , Different industries have different crushing grade standards.

In the graphite products industry, the crushing operation of graphite electrode with needle coke can be divided into three levels:

(1) Pre-crushing (or coarse crushing): This refers to the crushing of large pieces of graphite before entering the forging furnace after entering the factory. Generally, it refers to crushing large pieces of material with a lumpiness of about 200 mm to 50 ~ 70 mm.

(2) Medium crushing: This means that the graphite block material is further crushed to the required particle size after calcination. Generally, the size of about 50 mm after calcination is crushed to 1-20 mm.

(3) Fine grinding (or grinding): It is to grind a part of the graphite block raw material to a powder with a particle size of 0.15 mm or 0.075 mm.

After each crushing, the particle size of the material is reduced to a certain extent. The ratio of the largest block diameter of the material before crushing to the largest block diameter of the material after crushing is called the crushing ratio.

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