graphite electrodes regular power

Pubdate: 07-28 2021

graphite electrodes regular powergraphite electrodes regular power

Advantages of graphite electrodes regular power

Graphite electrodes regular power are very easy to produce and process, and the production and processing rate is significantly higher than that of copper electrodes. For example, the cutting process is used to produce and process graphite. Its production and processing rate is 2 to 3 times faster than that of laser cutting of other metal materials and does not require additional manual services to solve it. Copper electrical grades must be polished for each person. Similarly, if the high-speed graphite CNC machining center is used to produce electrodes, the speed will be rapid, high efficiency and higher, and it will not be easy to cause smoke and dust problems. In this production process, selecting special tools and graphite with suitable strength can reduce the wear and tear of the CNC blade and the damage of the copper male. If the actual cutting time of graphite electrodes regular power and copper electrodes regular power is compared, graphite is 67% faster than copper electrodes. Under normal conditions, the production and processing of graphite electrodes regular power is better than copper. The electrode is 58% faster. In this way, the production and processing time is greatly reduced, and the production and manufacturing costs are also reduced.

The design scheme of graphite electrodes regular power is different from that of traditional copper electrodes. Many mold manufacturers generally have different pre-embedding for the initial and deep processing of copper electrodes, while graphite electrodes regular power use basically the same pre-embedding, which reduces the frequency of CAD/CAM and equipment production and processing. For this reason alone, it is possible to improve the precision of the mold of the abrasive tool at a considerable level.

The above are the advantages of graphite electrodes regular power, if you need it, please feel free to call us.

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