graphitized refractory carbon block

Pubdate: 08-02 2021

Anti-corrosion graphitized refractory carbon block, graphitized refractory carbon use high-quality graphite carbon materials and add organic compounds with strong acid resistance. It is refined by high-pressure forming, vacuum impregnation, and high-temperature heat treatment. It has extraordinary acid and temperature resistance. It is an ideal lining material for phosphoric acid reaction tanks and phosphoric acid storage tanks in the chemical industry.

graphitized refractory carbon blockgraphitized refractory carbon block

1. Excellent corrosion resistance:

graphitized refractory carbon adopts high-quality graphite carbon material, and adds an organic compound with strong acid resistance, which effectively reduces the porosity of the product and increases the volume density of the product. Therefore, the product has excellent anti-corrosion performance and strong Wear resistance.

2. Stable performance and strong durability:

Graphitized refractory carbon uses high-strength organic glue as a binder, and introduces high-tech additives at the same time, so the product has high strength, good wear resistance, and extremely stable structure. The product structure does not change with temperature changes.

3. Accurate dimensions:

Graphitized refractory carbon adopts compression molding, the product has good molding quality, accurate shape and size, and can produce special products according to user requirements, which can fully meet the requirements of construction and masonry technology.

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