High-standard airtight paste produced by ferronickel

Pubdate: 12-12 2021

The nickel pig iron base material produced by the nickel-iron electric furnace has made an important contribution to the development of stainless steel. In the production of submerged arc furnaces in 2012, nearly 3.95 million tons of high-grade ferronickel base materials were continuously sent to stainless steel plants, ensuring a substantial increase in stainless steel output by 11.69%. In recent years, TISCO and Baosteel have used nickel metal in the total nickel pig iron, and the market has accounted for 30%-50% of the total nickel metal consumption. The high-standard sealed electrode paste produced by Rongxin Carbon in Gongyi City can ensure the long-term continuous and stable operation of the nickel submerged arc furnace.

The physical and chemical indexes of Rongxin Carbon Special Airtight Paste in Gongyi City

    project Product name
Special paste for ferronickel 1# electrode paste 2# electrode paste 3# electrode paste 4# electrode paste
Ash content (%,m/m)≤ 3 4 5 7 9
True specific gravity (g/cm3) 2.02 2.02 2.02 2.02 2.02
Resistivity (uΩ·m)≤ 65 70 75 80 90
Compressive strength (Mpa)≥ 26 24 22 20 19
Volatile matter (%,m/m) 9.5-11.5 12.5-13.5 12.5-13.5 13.5-14.5 13.5-14.5
Moisture (% ≤) 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.5 0.5
Bulk density (g/cm3)≥ 1.38 1.38 1.38 1.38 1.38
Softening point (℃) 60-70 60-70 70-80 90-100 90-100
False specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.55 1.55 1.5 1.48 1.45
Note: The elongation rate is a reference indicator

Performance of high-standard sealed electrode paste

The high-standard sealed electrode paste produced by Gongyi Rongxin Carbon is particularly suitable for smelting ferronickel electric furnaces. On the 3300KVa nickel-iron submerged arc furnace of a company in Jiangsu, the quality of Rongxin carbon electrode paste was verified using the results of tracking research. And it has been affirmed by Hu Lingbiao, an expert in nickel-iron smelting technology: the special closed electrode paste has high density, low ash content, high strength, low specific resistance, and good electrical and thermal conductivity; it has good resistance to rapid cold and heat, and can effectively prevent the electrode from soft breaking. Hard break, oxidized honeycomb and chip off.

The high-standard sealed electrode paste supplied by Gongyi Rongxin Carbon is positioned as a series of high-quality sealed paste products due to its low ash and volatile content, low softening temperature and specific resistance, high compressive performance and true specific gravity. The electrode paste of this series is very suitable for working in the state where the nickel-iron submerged arc furnace needs to quickly complete the roasting of the characters. The high-standard sealed electrode paste produced by Rongxin Carbon is welcomed by large-scale sealed furnaces and ferroalloy companies that consume fast electrode materials, and is affirmed and favored by submerged arc furnace manufacturers that produce ferronickel.

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