high temperature resistance graphite block

Pubdate: 08-02 2021

The future of high temperature resistance graphite block The future market prospects of high temperature resistance graphite block Market prospects

high temperature resistance graphite blockhigh temperature resistance graphite block

High temperature resistance graphite block supplier’s new graphite material is an indispensable functional basic material for the development of modern industrial technology, and is known as the “black gold”. Pencil leads, mobile phone lithium-ion batteries, negative electrodes of car batteries… and even the concept of flexible mobile phones that lead future technology are all made of graphite, the “darling” of the new material industry.

It is understood that graphite is rich in resources and has great potential for development. In recent years, the construction of the graphite industrial park has begun to take shape, and the industrial chain has gradually expanded and extended, setting off an upsurge in deep processing.

1. Unique resource advantage, the industry is beginning to take shape

Graphite material supplier It is understood that graphite resources are rich and widely distributed, making it an important production base for graphite products in my country. According to the current proven reserves, China occupies 72% of the world’s graphite reserves, while graphite resources account for about 64% of the country’s reserves, and production value accounts for about 70% of the country’s total. The two provincial-level industrial parks, the industrial park and the graphite industrial park, have nearly 50 enterprises settled in, and have become the country’s largest graphite production area and graphite deep processing technology center.

2. High temperature resistance graphite block deep processing market has broad prospects

The high temperature resistance graphite block deep processing market prospects, the technicians of the graphite industrial park have roughly calculated an account: according to the country’s development goal that the number of electric vehicles will account for 10% of all transportation vehicles in 2020, by then, my country’s automobile production will reach 4000 Million, of which 4 million are electric vehicles. Calculated on the basis of 20 kilograms of negative electrode material for each hybrid car battery, 4 million hybrid cars, each equipped with 3 batteries, will drive the production scale of 240,000 tons of negative electrode materials. In 2013, it produced 390,000 tons of fine graphite powder. Graphite is further processed from fine powder into anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. The price per ton in the market can jump from 3,000 yuan to 70,000 yuan. It can be seen that the market potential is huge.

3. Backed by abundant resources, facing a bright future.

A list of the development of the graphite industry chain is listed. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, it is planned to focus on the development of graphite powder-spherical graphite-coated graphite-anode material-battery anode material industry through investment promotion and technical cooperation. Chain, graphite powder-expandable graphite-expanded graphite-sealing material-sealing material industry chain, graphite powder-high-purity graphite-diamond-abrasives, diamond composite sheet hard material industry chain 3 industry chains . It is planned that the revenue of graphite products will exceed 10 billion yuan by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period.

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