how are graphite electrodes made

Pubdate: 08-02 2021

how are graphite electrodes madehow are graphite electrodes made

How are graphite electrodes made

In high-temperature vacuum furnaces, graphite electrode is usually used as an electric heater, the temperature can reach 3000 °C, it is easy to oxidize at high temperature, except for vacuum environment, it can only be used in neutral or reducing atmosphere. Graphite block is a kind of artificial graphite, and artificial graphite is made by artificial heating of coke products. Generally, if it is purified to make high-purity or carbon fiber, the added value is high. The graphite electrode is often used as the electric heating element of high-temperature vacuum furnaces. The maximum operating temperature can reach 3000℃. It is easy to oxidize at high temperatures. Except for vacuum, it can only be used in a neutral atmosphere or a reducing atmosphere. Its thermal expansion coefficient is small, thermal conductivity is large, resistivity is (8~13)×10-6 Ω·m, processability is better than SiC, MoSi2 rod, high temperature resistance, extreme cold and extreme heat resistance, good price Cheaper.

Graphite electrodes are mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke as raw materials, coal tar pitch as a binder, and are made through calcination, batching, kneading, pressing, roasting, graphitization, and machining. It releases electric energy in the form of an electric arc in an electric arc furnace. The conductors that heat and melt the charge can be classified into ordinary power, high power and ultra-high power according to their quality indicators. Graphite electrodes mainly include four types of ordinary power graphite electrodes, anti-oxidation coating graphite electrodes, high-power graphite electrodes and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, the thermal conductivity is high, and the resistivity is (8 ~ 13) 10-6 * * 8226;. Its processing performance is better than silicon rods and molybdenum rods. It can withstand high temperature, extreme cold and extreme high temperature, and its price is cheaper.

The main raw material of graphite crucible is crystalline natural material graphite. Therefore, it maintains a variety of different physical and chemical properties of natural right ink. That is: it has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, high temperature in use, thermal expansion coefficient, rapid heating, rapid cooling, and certain strain resistance. Acid, strong alkaline solution, corrosion resistance, excellent chemical stability.

There are many types of crucibles in different specifications, and they can be selected freely without being restricted by the scale of production and operation of the enterprise, batch size, and product varieties of smelted materials. The applicability is strong, and the purity of the smelted materials can be guaranteed at the same time. Because of its excellent properties, graphite crucibles are widely used in the smelting of alloy tool steels and non-ferrous metals and their alloys in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical and other industrial sectors. Has good technical and economic effects.

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