How to deal with the accident of electrode paste leakage

Pubdate: 12-19 2021

The liquid electrode paste flows out from the damaged part of the electrode shell, which is called leakage paste. The reasons are:

(1) The welding quality of the electrode shell is not good, and the welding seam is cracked;

(2) The copper tile is in partial contact with the electrode shell, and the electrode shell is burned out;

(3) The load was not lowered when the electrode was discharged or the electrode case was burned through due to excessive load due to the electrode sliding down beyond the allowable lowering length.

Paste leakage usually occurs soon after the electrode is lowered. At this time, the power should be cut off immediately, and the leaking parts should be found. When the leaking hole is not large and the flow is not much, plug the hole with asbestos rope or the like, press the hole in the copper tile, send power and slowly heat up. If the hole is too large to be blocked, repair the iron sheet of the hole after the paste flow is exhausted, and press it into the copper tile as much as possible, then add electrode paste and re-fire the electrode.

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