How to prevent soft and hard breaking of electrodes

Pubdate: 01-03 2022

1. Soft disconnection of the electrode

(1) The air supply volume of the electrode and the cooling water volume of the conductive jaw plate should be reasonably controlled. This requires the operator to carefully conduct inspections and adjust the air volume and water volume in time to ensure that the electrode baking can proceed normally.

(2) Be vigilant when pressing and discharging the electrode, increase the load with boldness and carefulness, and observe the changes of the electrode more. If the electrode is deteriorated, the load should be reduced immediately, and the power supply should be cut off if necessary.

(3) The quality of electrode paste should be adjusted in time, and unqualified electrode paste should not be used.

(4) Strictly inspect the welding quality of the electrode iron shell, and must meet the quality standards stipulated in the technical conditions.

(5) It is necessary to strictly implement the electrode management system, lower the electrodes according to the regulations, carefully control the interval time, fill the electrode paste on time, and maintain the specified height and electrode working length.

2. Hard break of the electrode

(1) Strictly control the working length of the electrode, and it is not allowed to be too long.

(2) Strictly check the quality of the electrode paste, and the ash content cannot exceed the specified value.

(3) During normal production, the electrode paste is not allowed to fall into the electrode case, especially during maintenance, the dust in the electrode case must be cleaned.

(4) Carefully check the air supply volume of the electrode and the cooling water volume in the conductive jaw.

(5) Strengthen equipment maintenance, improve the quality of maintenance, and reduce unplanned power outages.

(6) After a power failure, especially in winter, immediately use hot materials to pour around the electrode to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and oxidation prevention. After power is supplied, the load should not be increased too fast.

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