How to use electrode paste

Pubdate: 01-15 2022

The use process and consumption of the electrode paste In terms of the characteristics of use, the electrode paste is a continuous self-baking electrode. During use, the outer layer is a cylinder made of a 1-2mm thick steel plate.

The electrode paste is regularly added to the cylinder. As the production progresses, the electrode paste is gradually softened-melted-baked. During roasting, a large amount of volatile matter is released. After entering the conductive clip part of the electrode, it changes from semi-coking to complete coking due to the high temperature, and finally becomes a conductive carbon electrode. The electrode paste is baked into a conductive electrode by various heat of the electric furnace itself, so it is called a self-baking electrode.

During the working process of the electrode, a section of cylinder is connected to the top of the electrode at regular intervals, and a certain amount of electrode paste is added, and this is repeated.

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