hp 350 graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-03 2021

Talking about the role of hp 350 graphite electrode in graphite equipment

hp 350 graphite electrode

What is the role of hp 350 graphite electrode in graphite equipment? The graphite blocks used to make graphite heat exchangers are called graphite heat exchange blocks and graphite absorption blocks. Generally speaking, the pores of the purchased graphite block contain a small amount of water and need to be dried first to evaporate the water. This process is carried out in an electric furnace, the temperature is controlled within 350°C, and the drying time is about 1-2 hours. In the manufacturing process of graphite heat exchangers and graphite absorption devices, the drying process is mainly water vapor, and there is no waste gas generated by other processes. Because the heat exchange block is only pressurized, it has an integral structure, no adhesive joints, and high structural strength. Good impact resistance, plays an irreplaceable important role in graphite equipment.

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