hp 450mm graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-03 2021

Instructions for use of hp 450mm graphite electrode

hp 450mm graphite electrode

1. The hp 450mm graphite electrode should be placed below the furnace mouth surface to prevent the furnace cover from wearing the upper mouth of the crucible.

2. Feeding should be based on the melting amount of the crucible, not too much feed, too tight to avoid expanding the crucible.

3. The hp 450mm graphite electrode must be kept away from moisture and must be stored in a dry place or on a wooden rack.

4. Handle with care when transporting, and it is strictly forbidden to drop and shake.

5. Before use, it needs to be baked in the drying equipment or the furnace, and the temperature is gradually increased to 500 ℃.

6. Furnace tools and crucible clamps should conform to the shape of the crucible, and clamp the middle part to avoid damage to the crucible by local stress.

7. When removing molten slag and coke on the inner and outer walls of the crucible, tap it to avoid damage to the crucible.

8. A proper distance should be kept between the crucible and the furnace wall, and the crucible should be placed in the middle of the furnace.

9. Excessive use of combustion aids and additives will reduce the service life of the crucible.

10. During use, rotating the crucible once a week can prolong the service life of the crucible.

11. Avoid direct injection of strong oxidizing flame on the side and bottom of the crucible

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