hp 550 graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-03 2021

Introduce the material and characteristics of hp 550 graphite electrode

With the wide application of graphite products, hp 550 graphite electrode has the advantages of high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and low metal pollution. It is widely used in precious metal smelting and analytical instrument industries. The following editor will briefly introduce the materials and characteristics of the hp 550 graphite electrode.

hp 550 graphite electrode

hp 550 graphite electrode material

hp 550 graphite electrode materials can be divided into artificial graphite, graphite clay materials and graphite silicon carbide materials. The artificial hp 550 graphite electrode is made of graphite electrode material.

Graphite clay crucible is mainly composed of natural flake graphite and clay. At present, it is only used for high temperature smelting of cast iron, cast steel and precious metals.

Graphite silicon carbide crucible is mainly composed of natural flake graphite and silicon carbide. Crucibles made of this material are used for smelting non-ferrous metals such as copper alloys and aluminum alloys. At present, the demand for graphite silicon carbide crucible accounts for about 97% of the total demand.

hp 550 graphite electrode

Characteristics of hp 550 graphite electrode

The hp 550 graphite electrode meets the harsh conditions of use as much as possible in terms of raw materials and manufacturing.

The main features are as follows:

(1) High thermal conductivity: due to the use of raw materials with high thermal conductivity such as graphite, the melting time is shortened;

(2) Thermal shock resistance: strong thermal shock resistance, fast cooling and heating, not easy to crack;

(3) High heat resistance: high fire resistance, can withstand high temperature of 1200~1600℃;

(4) Corrosion resistance: strong corrosion resistance to molten soup;

(5) Mechanical shock resistance: a certain degree of resistance to mechanical shock (when molten materials are put into operation, etc.);

(6) Oxidation resistance: Graphite is easy to oxidize at high temperature in oxidizing mist, and after anti-oxidation treatment, oxidation consumption is low;

(7) Anti-blocking: Since graphite is not easy to adhere to the molten soup, the soaking and adhesion of the soup is small;

(8) Metal pollution is very small: since no impurities are mixed into the contaminated soup, the metal pollution is very small;

(9) Anti-slagging agent (slag removing agent): Has a good anti-slagging agent (slag removing agent) to affect the performance.

The above are the characteristics of hp 550 graphite electrode and the material of hp 550 graphite electrode. I believe you can choose a more suitable hp 550 graphite electrode according to your own usage.

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