hp 600 mm graphite electrodes

Pubdate: 08-03 2021

Steps to smelt non-ferrous metals with hp 600 mm graphite electrodes

hp 600 mm graphite electrodes

hp 600 mm graphite electrodes have strong corrosion resistance. When smelting non-ferrous metals, some matters should be paid attention to. This is related to its success rate. Next, we will introduce the steps to melt metal with hp 600 mm graphite electrodes:

First, check the hp 600 mm graphite electrodes for cracks. If the crucible is not heated above 600°C, keep it dry. Then pay attention to whether there is water around the stove, and do not stack irrelevant items.

Secondly, it is necessary to strictly check whether there are explosives in the charge. The charging must be preheated and kept dry, and the charging speed should be slow. Before using sampling, smelting and pouring tools, the exhaust device must also be preheated and ventilated to ensure that the air circulation deteriorates. The operator should stand on the upper air vent during the refining process. When pouring, the crucible should be upright. Clamping tongs should tighten the crucible, pour the molten metal in the crucible into the small ladle, not overfilling it, and put some sand on the bottom of the small ladle to avoid scalds caused by splashing of molten metal. When spraying water, do not pour it on the furnace wall, and do not spray water when there are people at the bottom of the furnace.

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