hp 700 graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-05 2021

What are the applications of hp 700 graphite electrode graphite heating element in high temperature furnace

hp 700 graphite electrode

The vacuum sintering furnace hot-pressing and sintering graphite mold device includes a graphite base, a graphite sintering cavity, a graphite indenter, and a graphite support rod. The upper surface of the graphite base is provided with a groove in the center, the graphite sintering cavity is cylindrical, The upper end surface of the sintering cavity is provided with a through hole, the lower part of the graphite sintering cavity is arranged in the groove of the graphite base, the lower surface of the graphite indenter is provided with a raised rod, and the graphite indenter is set in the graphite sintering through the raised rod. The through hole of the cavity is fixed with the graphite sintering cavity, the lower end of the graphite support rod is fixed on the graphite base, and the upper end of the graphite indenter extends out.

hp 700 graphite electrode graphite mold has been very common and widely used in our lives, so what are the applications of general graphite heaters in high temperature furnaces?

1, The high temperature strength of graphite is good, and the strength of graphite at room temperature is far inferior to that of metals, but as the temperature rises, its strength will gradually increase, exceeding all oxides and metals;

2, Graphite is easily available and cheaper than metal.

three. Graphite has some properties of metals and ceramics. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity. It also has many voids and a small coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, graphite has become one of the most heat-resistant and impact-resistant materials

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