hp eaf graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-04 2021

What should be paid attention to when using hp eaf graphite electrode?

hp eaf graphite electrode

The hp eaf graphite electrode looks like a ceramic deep-bottomed bowl-shaped container. The texture is ceramic. When there is a solid, it needs to be heated by a high fire, because the glassware cannot withstand the high temperature when the solid is heated, and the crucible is more resistant to high temperature than glass. The utensils are much stronger, so hp eaf graphite electrode is used instead of glassware, because it can withstand high temperatures better than glassware. Crucibles can be divided into three categories: graphite crucibles, clay crucibles and metal crucibles. Among the graphite crucibles, there are three kinds of general graphite crucibles, special-shaped graphite crucibles and high-purity graphite crucibles. Due to the different surface treatment processes, it can be divided into ordinary graphite crucibles, anti-oxidation coating graphite crucibles (a layer of graphite crucible anti-oxidation coating is added to the graphite crucible), various types of graphite crucibles, due to performance, use and use conditions Different, the raw materials used, production methods, process technology and product specifications are also different. The crucible has many models and specifications, and it is not restricted by the production scale, batch size and smelting material variety during application. It can be selected at will, with strong applicability, and can ensure the purity of the smelted material.

The melting point of hp eaf graphite electrode is generally around 3000℃, which requires us to strictly control its temperature during heating. If we do not pay attention to exceeding its melting point, this will cause the silicon carbide crucible to react with the substance. Affect the purity of the material, the following editor will take everyone to take a look at what should be paid attention to when using hp eaf graphite electrode?

1. When using the hp eaf graphite electrode, it is usually not filled with molten objects too much to prevent the heated objects from jumping out, and to allow air to enter and exit freely for possible oxidation reactions, so that it is prone to a lot of difficult to control at high temperatures. In this case, the possibility of danger is relatively high. For safety reasons and from the perspective of extending the life of the crucible, we should avoid this situation.

2. Because the bottom of the hp eaf graphite electrode is small, direct heating is too slow for him. In order to solve this problem, it generally needs to be placed on a mud triangle to be directly heated by fire. The crucible can be placed upright or inclined on the iron tripod, and it can be placed by itself depending on the needs of the experiment.

3. Don’t place the crucible on a cold metal table immediately after heating, so as to prevent it from cracking due to rapid cooling. Do not put it on the wooden table immediately to avoid scalding the table top or causing a fire. The correct method is to leave it on an iron tripod for natural cooling, or place it on an asbestos net to let it cool slowly.

4. Because of the particularity of its material, try to avoid collision with it when using it. If you use too much force, it is easy to damage this kind of product. These are all things that require me to pay special attention to it during use. Only by understanding these precautions can we extend the service life of the product.

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