hp graphite block pricelist

Pubdate: 08-04 2021

hp graphite block is a kind of carbon refractory material developed by Chinese iron smelting and carbon production workers after years of arduous exploration. hp graphite block is made of high temperature burning anthracite as aggregate, burning anthracite and coke mixed powder as fine powder, using medium temperature coal tar pitch as binder, uniformly kneaded at a certain temperature, and made by high-frequency compression vibration molding. Products with precise dimensions and specific physical and chemical properties. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, high temperature strength, strong resistance to slag and iron corrosion, and low price.

hp graphite block pricelist

The hp graphite block has the following characteristics during production and use:

①The production process is simple. The investment cost is low, and the construction is simple and easy;

②It has a regular shape and can be built into the required furnace lining without precision processing; ③After roasting by the heat of the oven and blast furnace during production, it can form a nearly seamless overall furnace lining;

④During the roasting process (single-side heating conditions), the coal tar pitch volatiles move in the opposite direction, generate pyrolytic carbon in the matrix pores of the working hot end and fill the pores, making the bricks self-densify;

⑤It can absorb the temperature stress generated when the furnace lining heats up, and alleviate the damage of the thermal stress to the furnace lining;

⑥ Produce heterogeneous graphitization transformation under the catalysis of high temperature slag and iron in the furnace, which improves the thermal conductivity and chemical resistance of the furnace lining, and makes the 1150℃ molten iron solidification isotherm migrate into the furnace.

Due to the characteristics of the hp graphite block and the qualitative changes in the furnace, the stability and durability of the furnace lining are finally improved, so that the hp graphite block can be widely used in small and medium blast furnaces and achieve good technical and economic effects. Semi-graphite hp graphite block is used in large blast furnaces, which can reduce the molten index of molten iron, increase thermal conductivity, improve alkali corrosion resistance, enhance oxidation resistance, improve erosion resistance and reduce residual shrinkage.

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