hp graphite block

Pubdate: 08-04 2021

The consumption mechanism of hp graphite block in steelmaking

hp graphite block

The consumption of hp graphite block in electric arc furnace steelmaking is mainly related to the quality management of working electrode materials and furnace conditions, such as whether there are mechanical equipment failures in the old and new furnaces, whether continuous production, etc.; steelmaking operations, such as: steelmaking, oxygen blowing time , Loading conditions, etc. and the consumption of hp graphite block itself, its consumption mechanism has the following aspects:

1. The final target consumption is mainly the sublimation of graphite material caused by the high temperature of the arc, and the chemical reaction loss of important parts of the electrode end with molten steel and slag. The final temperature through the sublimation rate depends on the current density of the electrode and the diameter of the back surface of the oxidation electrode.

2. The chemical composition of the side electrode is carbon, which reacts with the surrounding air, water vapor and carbon dioxide under certain economic conditions. The amount of oxidation on the electrode side is related to the unit oxidation rate and the exposed area. Normally, the oxidation electrode side should be about 50% of the total electrode consumption. In recent years, in order to increase the smelting speed of the electric furnace, the number of oxygen blowing operations has been increased, resulting in an increase in the loss of the working electrode oxidation technology. Redness and the taper of the lower electrode beam are often observed during steelmaking.

3. Joint loss When the electrode is continuously connected to the upper and lower electrodes of the enterprise, due to the oxidation and thinning of the working electrode or the penetration of cracks, some of the electrodes or the pupils of the joints (ie residues) will break. The residual loss is related to the shape of the joint, the internal structure of the electrode, and the vibration and shock of the electrode column.

4. During the melting process when the surface is peeled off, the electrode itself has poor thermal shock resistance.

5. Electrode fractures include electrode backbone fracture and joint fracture. The electrode fracture is related to the quality of the hp graphite block and the joint, the processing technology and the steelmaking operation.

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