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Pubdate: 08-04 2021

Causes of cracks in hp graphite electrode

hp graphite electrode factory

Crucible is an important part of chemical instruments. Natural hp graphite electrode is processed from natural graphite. It is a vessel for melting and refining metal liquid, heating and solid-liquid reaction, and is the basis for ensuring the smooth progress of chemical reactions. What are the reasons for cracks in the general position of the crucible?

The first possibility is to place the crucible on the slag or on an inappropriate crucible base. Secondly, it may be because when the crucible was taken, the crucible tongs were clamped too high and the force was too strong, which caused cracks on the surface of the crucible at the lower part of the crucible tongs. Finally, the incorrect control of the fire-fighting nozzle caused the crucible to locally overheat, some of which could not be heated effectively, and the thermal stress caused the crucible to crack.

After analyzing the reasons, we have to prescribe the right medicine in the operation such as placement, be careful, and ensure the details of the processing.

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