hp graphite electrodes factory

Pubdate: 08-04 2021

Precautions for transporting hp graphite electrodes

hp graphite electrodes factory

In recent years, graphite products have been increasingly used in mining systems, diesel systems, railway systems and high-tech industries. hp graphite electrodes are a kind of conductor that releases electric energy in the form of an electric arc to heat and melt the charge. hp graphite electrodes factory explains the precautions of hp graphite electrodes during transportation.

First of all, long-distance vehicles transporting hp graphite electrodes should be covered with a rain-proof tarp to prevent the electrodes from getting wet. Second, when lifting or transporting hp graphite electrodes, care should be taken to prevent damage caused by tilting or sliding of hp graphite electrodes. Then, in order to protect the ends and threads of the hp graphite electrodes, the electrodes cannot be directly suspended with iron hooks. Finally, when loading and unloading the connector box, handle it with care to prevent the connector from bumping, causing thread damage and reducing the service life of hp graphite electrodes.

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