hp high power graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-04 2021

The impact of the epidemic on hp high power graphite electrode and the steel market

hp high power graphite electrode

Small and medium specifications are stable, but large specifications are weak. Affected by poor logistics and transportation, weak downstream demand, and falsely high prices of small and medium-sized specifications, the electrode market has extremely low transaction volume. Around New Year’s Day, the raw material reserves of steel mills are basically maintained at 1.5-2 months. Currently, the stock is basically at a low level. With the later stage of bidding for steel mills, the electrode market will fluctuate in the short term. Since last year, the price of electrodes has fallen sharply, the profits of electrode manufacturers have seriously deteriorated, some companies have stopped or reduced pressure forming, and the output of small and medium electrodes has fallen.

However, the resources of needle coke and petroleum coke are sufficient both at home and abroad. The rebound in electrode prices at the end of the year allowed the electrode industry to maintain. With the dawn of profit or being able to maintain the dawn, some electrode production capacity that meets the resumption policy will soon recover. The domestic electrode production capacity has exceeded 2 million tons, and the capacity utilization rate can meet the needs of domestic steel mills. Last year, it exported more than 300,000 tons stably, less than 50%. In the case of poor profit and cost decline, the bullish sentiment in the small and medium-sized ultra-high electrode market may be calmed, prices will gradually weaken, and the decline in large-size ultra-high electrodes may continue to increase.

According to Mysteel data, downstream, the capacity utilization rate during the holiday season was 4.17%, and it recovered to 19.7% on February 13, which was significantly lower than the same period last year. Electric furnace plants have been in a state of slight loss, but due to transportation, it is difficult to purchase raw materials, and it is difficult to guarantee the later start of electric furnace steel, which will inevitably be difficult to support the domestic large-scale ultra-high electrode market.

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