hp uhp graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-05 2021

China’s hp uhp graphite electrode demand is expected to reach 502,600 tons in 2020

hp uhp graphite electrode

Ulan Qab hp uhp graphite electrode learned that the iron and steel industry, which is an important support for the national economy, has been guided by the country’s policy of banning outdated production capacity of “land strip steel” and increasing environmental protection, which has led to the use of scrap steel as the main raw material for electric furnace smelting. Steel has received widespread attention and has developed rapidly. A total of more than 170 electric furnaces were newly signed each year, and the electric furnace steel ratio increased from 7.3 in 2016 to nearly 12 in 2018. The use of scrap steel in China is conducive to circular economy, environmental protection and sustainable development, and injects new strength into the domestic steel industry. It also brings huge business opportunities to related equipment and raw materials companies.

With the continuous release of domestic electric furnace steelmaking capacity, the rigid demand for hp uhp graphite electrode is bound to increase. According to the forecast of Xinlu Information, the demand for hp uhp graphite electrode in China’s steel market is expected to reach 502,600 tons by 2020. However, since 2017, the production capacity of the hp uhp graphite electrode industry has expanded rapidly. It is expected that a new starting point for the supply of hp uhp graphite electrode in China in the year. Source: Xin Leng Information If you are involved in copyright and other issues, please contact us for processing)

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