hp uhp graphite electrodes

Pubdate: 08-05 2021

CGM carbon service first Ultra-high power hp uhp graphite electrodes professional processing

hp uhp graphite electrodes

hp uhp graphite electrodes are usually used in electroforming molds. Graphite is an allotrope of carbon. The crystal structure is a honeycomb hexahedron. Datong hp uhp graphite electrodes process because each carbon atom emits electrons, these electrons can move freely. Therefore, although graphite is a non-metallic material, it can be an electrical conductor. Used as hp uhp graphite electrodes. In electrical processing, the advantages of hp uhp graphite electrodes on copper hp uhp graphite electrodes are as follows:

(1) High metal removal rate;

(2) The weight is only 1/4 of copper hp uhp graphite electrodes, which can be made according to needs;

(3) The shape can become complicated. It can also be bundled together to form composite hp uhp graphite electrodes, which can effectively process deep and complex cavities at one time;

(4) Good thermal stability, for example, copper softens and deforms at about 1000°C, but graphite has a very high melting point. When heated to 3650°C, the thermal expansion coefficient is still small, basically not deformed, and the processing accuracy and margin are easy to control;

(5) During electrical processing, the self-damage is small, and the carbon atoms in the oil decompose to form a protective film, which can compensate for the loss of hp uhp graphite electrodes and has a long service life;

(6) It is easy to polish and process without burrs, which can simplify the subsequent cleaning process. Therefore, its machining accuracy and machining surface quality are high.

Application range: smelting, refining, submerged arc furnace, electric arc furnace, yellow phosphorus. Brown corundum and so on.

Hongsheng Carbon has long provided specifications of ultra-high power hp uhp graphite electrodes, impregnated hp uhp graphite electrodes at wholesale prices, and hp uhp graphite electrodes are provided at prices. Our factory hp uhp graphite electrodes have complete specifications and reasonable prices.

Hongsheng Carbon’s main products include hp uhp graphite electrodes, graphite cubes, graphite powder, graphite crucibles, graphite molds, blast furnace carbon bricks, furnace bricks, furnace rods and other graphite products.

Technical literature of Hongsheng Carbon Factory:

Used in resistance furnaces, graphitization furnaces for producing graphite products, melting furnaces for melting glass, and electric furnaces for producing silicon carbide are all classified as resistance furnaces. The materials in the furnace are both heating resistors and heating targets. Generally, the same hp uhp The hp uhp graphite electrodes for processing conductivity are embedded in the furnace head wall at the end of the resistance furnace, and the hp uhp graphite electrodes used here are not consumed consecutively.

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