hp uhp rp graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-05 2021

CNC hp uhp rp graphite electrode machining operation steps

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1: Use the M8 system to download the workpiece program, modify the tool on the program, check whether the program is correct, and then start the brush to ensure that the workpiece corresponds to the relevant machine tool.

2: Check whether the bottom of the hp uhp rp graphite electrode fixture is stable and whether the appearance is bad.

3: Clamping with related machines corresponds to the same fixture coordinates.

4: Extract and upload the program on the machine to confirm that the program is consistent with the fixture and model.

5: If the workpiece is higher than the top smooth knife, adjust the feed axis to 0, then click the single program button, then click the (POS) coordinate value and click relative-operation-origin-all axes-adjustment with handwheel Appropriate height-click (OFS) working coordinate system-input-Z value (data during tool down)-click input-then prompt whether to execute-execute line-transfer to memory-start machining.

6: When the tool needs to be replaced during processing, adjust to manual mode-input the tool number of the tool to be replaced. If T10 is replaced, please enter T10 M06; click “Enter”, and then click “Start Tool Replacement”.

7: To reset the origin of the work tool, first turn the cutter head to the center of the workbench, and then go to the origin reset in the mode selection-click the origin reset switch-reset.

8: After the workpiece is processed, if the secondary center position is not cut, first call the No. 9 tool, and then enter g00g9og (54 55 56 57) x0y0 in the MDL (manual state) to quickly locate to the chuck coordinate center position.

9: Yes: Delete the letters and numbers that you have not yet entered on the panel in “Delete: Delete related files in the computer”.

10: Warning syntax 065: indicates that the tool chuck is in manual state 005: indicates that there is a problem with the automatic tool setting.

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