Introduction and application of slag remover

Pubdate: 08-29 2022

The slag remover is a kind of volcanic ash from the pre geological period, which is a naturally produced expanded material due to geological changes. Due to its high expansion property, it has a strong ability to clean the scum in steel and molten iron, thicken and increase the viscosity of the slag, easily collect and scrape the scum in steel and molten iron, purify the molten iron and steel, and generally can be used for scraping the slag in the furnace and ladle.

It is precisely because the slag remover has the advantages of low dosage, strong slag gathering ability, easy to pick up slag and does not affect the composition of molten iron, and convenient operation. Therefore, the use of slag remover is to reduce the content of macro and micro slag and other inclusions in the casting, improve the quality and processing performance of the casting, purify the molten metal, make it play the role of inoculation to the maximum, simplify the design of the gating system, improve the process yield, It is necessary to use high-efficiency slag remover to purify molten iron and steel.

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