Introduction to the production of electrode paste

Pubdate: 07-27 2022

Introduction to the production of electrode paste: electrode paste is a product with simple process and complex technology in carbon production. First, the electrode paste is the finished product after kneading and forming. Unlike other carbon and graphite products, when defects appear in the previous process, they can be made up by roasting, graphitization or even impregnation. Second, the electrode paste is directly used by the user, and the function of carbon products is played by forming electrodes after the user completes the use process.

However, the users of electrode paste are very different: the furnace type is different; Different production products; Different regions; Different environment; The season is different, and the technical level of operators is also different. The so-called: it is difficult for everyone to adjust. It is very difficult to make the electrode paste production enterprise adapt to such complex use conditions. Therefore, the production process of electrode paste seems to be relatively simple, but it needs special experience and technology to produce good ones.

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