Is electrode paste harmful to human body

Pubdate: 08-16 2022

The length of the working end of the electrode and the depth of entering the furnace shall be strictly controlled in accordance with the process operation requirements. After each shift, the measurement shall be carried out accurately. The measurement times of each phase of the electrode shall not be less than three times. If the deviation is large, the measurement shall be carried out several times. The average value of the three times with small deviation shall be taken as the length of the working end of the electrode. Only when the length of the working end of the electrode and the depth of entering the furnace are accurately mastered can the operation scheme of the shift be determined, and the pressing length Times

As the molten pool of submerged arc furnace not only bears strong high-temperature effect, but also is eroded and mechanically scoured by furnace charge, high-temperature furnace gas, molten iron and high-temperature slag, it is necessary to select specific refractory materials. Requirements for refractory materials: high refractoriness, large changes in shape and volume at high temperature, high temperature strength, good slag resistance, and good chemical stability at high temperature. Various refractory materials shall be kept clean in appearance, complete in structure, free of defects in corners and cracks on the surface.

Copper aluminum composite block is used for crimping. The construction features are simple construction, convenient process supervision, free from the influence of magnetic field, and controllable pressure drop. In 2008, an aluminum plant in Henan adopted this method of connection. Because the technical problems were not solved at that time, the test failed and a short junction explosion accident occurred. However, with the increasing design of electrolytic cell type current, the construction of welding became more and more difficult. It should be seen that the advantages of the crimping method are more and more obvious, and it is believed that the improved crimping method will appear and be gradually adopted,

The electrode paste (1) is a common power graphite electrode. Graphite electrodes with current density lower than 17a / m2 are allowed to be used, which are mainly used in ordinary power electric furnaces for steel making, silicon smelting, yellow phosphorus smelting, etc.

(2) Oxidation resistant coated graphite electrode. The graphite electrode coated with an anti-oxidation protective layer on the surface forms a protective layer that is both conductive and resistant to high-temperature oxidation, reducing electrode consumption during steel making.

(3) High power graphite electrode. Graphite electrode with current density of 18-25 A / m2 is allowed to be used, which is mainly used in high-power electric arc furnace for steel making.

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