Judgment of the quality of electrode paste

Pubdate: 12-30 2021

The quality of the electrode paste is mainly based on visual observation. Determine whether the electrode sintering is normal. If the surface of the electrode is found to be off-white or dark but not red, the sintering is good. If it is red, it is too dry, if it is black or smokes a lot, it is too soft.

In order to maintain a certain length of the electrode, the electrode paste must balance the sintering speed and the consumption speed during the sintering process. If the sintering is slow and the consumption is fast, the electrode will be too soft if the working length is not enough. If the sintering is fast and the consumption is slow, the electrode is too dry and easy to hard break. In order to make the electrode sintering quality good, the following conditions must be met.

1. The electrode paste that meets the quality standard and the lumpiness requirement should be kept at a certain height when filling.

2. Electrode production and welding must meet the requirements, the cooling condition of the conductive jaw plate and the contact of the electrode must be good.

3. Try to avoid shortening the number and time of power outages of the electric furnace.

4. Pay attention to the sintering quality of the electrode and adjust the cooling condition of the electrode in time.

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