ladle furnace graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-05 2021

What is the purpose of ladle furnace graphite electrode baking?

ladle furnace graphite electrodeladle furnace graphite electrode

The purpose of ladle furnace graphite electrode firing is:

(1) Eliminate volatile matter Products that use coal pitch as a binder

(2) Binder coking products are roasted according to certain technological conditions to coke the binder and form a coke network between the aggregate particles, which firmly connects all aggregates of different particle sizes, so that the product has a certain degree of Physical and chemical properties.

(3) Fixed geometric form The raw product softens and the binder migrates during the firing process.

(4) Reducing resistivity During the roasting process, due to the elimination of volatiles, the pitch coking forms a coke grid, the pitch decomposes and polymerizes, and a large hexagonal carbon ring plane net is formed, and the resistivity is greatly reduced.

(5) Further volume shrinkage After sintering, the diameter of the product shrinks by about 1%, the length shrinks by about 2%, and the volume shrinkage is 2-3%.

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