Less electrode paste is selected due to electrode operation accidents

Pubdate: 08-04 2022

Less electrode operation accidents, choose electrode paste

The core problem of long-term stable operation of ferroalloy electric furnace is whether the electrode column can work normally. People often regard electrodes as the “heart” of submerged arc furnaces. The problem is the quality of electrode sintering to ensure long-term stable operation and less accidents. In fact, in the production cost of ferroalloy, the cost factor of electrode paste consumption only accounts for a small share. The primary responsibility of the operators and organizers of the production is to ensure the normal operation of the production equipment. Once an accident occurs to the electrode of the electric furnace, the loss will be huge and catastrophic, which is almost difficult to repair. For this reason, sometimes it is better to choose electrode paste with some margin in performance and quality to prevent electrode accidents in case. Is wise.

3. Electric furnace smelting ferronickel Technology

Laterite mine submerged arc furnace is a better technical choice for the production of ferronickel. At present, it is considered that the better process route is laterite ore – dehydration, blocking – adding coke and flux – electric furnace smelting – producing coarse ferronickel – reducing C, Si, s, P impurities, converter refining – ferronickel (granulation, casting block) or smelting stainless steel. The public art of directly manufacturing stainless steel products with laterite has been realized in Inner Mongolia mingtuo company.

According to the differences in process mode, resource conditions and product quality, pyrometallurgical ferronickel smelting technology is diverse. At present, there are rotary furnace direct reduction process, blast furnace process, blast furnace process and electrothermal process in the world. Electric heating method can also be divided into electric carbon heating and electric heating silicon method. From the product point of view, there are single nickel iron and nickel chromium composite or nickel chromium and cobalt composite methods of various alloys. As far as we are concerned, we can only deal with the production technology of ferronickel in electric furnace at present. The main content is the preparation and use of ferronickel electrode in electric furnace smelting.

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