Matters needing attention when filling electrode paste

Pubdate: 12-20 2021

The following points should be paid attention to when installing the electrode paste airtight paste:

1. Do not allow debris to enter the electrode

2. Proper paste height

3. Work harder

4. Appropriate temperature

5. Prevent overhang

Before filling, the electrode paste should be broken, generally broken into small pieces of 80~100mm, so that the electrode paste block can pass between the two ribs smoothly. If the particle size is too large, the electrode paste suspension failure is likely to occur; if the particle size is too small, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of spraying. Use a forklift truck or special tools to transport the electrode paste to the calcium carbide furnace, and use an electric hoist to hoist the electrode paste into the electrode bucket. Pay attention to the safety of hoisting during loading.

When installing electrode paste, be careful not to scatter the electrode paste on the equipment outside the electrode barrel, so as to avoid accidents of electric fire. Every time the electrode paste is filled, the site must be cleaned, especially if the equipment is scattered on the equipment. Clean up the electrode paste.

When adding electrode paste, be careful not to touch the two-phase electrodes at the same time to prevent electric shock. Also pay attention to conductive objects and do not remove the two-phase electrodes at the same time to prevent power connection.

The sealed electrode paste 72mm*65mm*120mm produced by Rongxin Carbon has a mass of about 500g. The advantages are as follows:

(1) Loading, unloading, storage and transportation are more convenient;

(2) Finished products, loading and other processes are screened for many times to remove slag, and there is no weight loss;

(3) Less dust pollution, sanitation, safety and reliability;

(4) The particle size is moderate, and there will be no accidents of electrode paste spraying.

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