milgram electrode paste

Pubdate: 06-17 2021

[Electrode paste, CGM carbon products are at the forefront of the industry, confirming the leading position in the market]

Unit consumption refers to the quality of electrode paste consumed per unit alloy product.

In the application of the electrode paste produced by our company in the manganese silicon furnace, under the same furnace conditions, the use of electrode paste can be reduced by 20% compared with the same period of the previous year. For example, for two furnaces with a size of 15,000, the electrode paste of a certain manufacturer consumes 200 tons per month, and the use of CGM carbon electrode paste consumes about 160 tons. (Real case) And there was no accident during use.

Effectively reduce unit consumption and greatly reduce the cost of alloy production. If electricity and labor are added, the profit of alloy production will almost increase by 20%.

[Electrode paste, CGM Carbon helps customers solve U-turn accidents]

Every year, CGM Carbon receives many requests for electrode paste for submerged arc furnaces that have accidents. There are U-turns, hard breaks, soft shorts, and there are problems with the quality of the electrode paste, the furnace itself is defective, and some are caused by misoperation by the workers.

This is an accident where the electrodes turned around.

The electrode U-turn is actually the place where the arc is supposed to fall off. It’s like writing with a pencil, with too much force and breaking. Of course, in the submerged arc furnace, there will be no excessive force. The best explanation for the electrode turning around is that the electrode paste has a low degree of adhesion after sintering and has fallen off. At this time, for electrode paste factories, increasing the softening point of coal tar is a good solution. Of course, there is still a gap between the prices of medium-temperature asphalt and high-temperature asphalt. As a factory, it should be tested many times to improve the bonding strength of the electrode.

[CGM Carbon, so that there is no difficult electrode paste business in the world]

We do OEM processing for many trading companies and electrode paste companies.

Let the world have no difficult electrode paste business is our promise to our partners. As long as we find us, we can achieve pre-sale factory inspections and after-sales technical guidance. Moreover, the quality of our products, our output, and our reputation are all guarantees for stable supply and the basis for long-term cooperation with partners.

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